Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

The spread of COVID-19 is causing concern everywhere. We know that many of you are worried about the outbreak and what it means for the health and safety of yourselves, friends and family, wherever they may be. As a duty of care for students currently studying in the UK and their parents, we have put together some useful information and reference links to help keep you updated with the development of the coronavirus situation in the UK.

*As a response to mitigate the consequences of coronavirus Covid-19, many higher education institutions across the UK have been making adjustments in the last 48 hours to suspend face-to-face teaching and moving onto online teaching & learning. Please check your student email, university website as well as your university’s social media account for the latest update.


Where can I find the latest information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

For the latest information and guidance regarding the coronavirus, please visit the following official websites:


Who to contact?

If you need personal health advice specifically in relation to COVID-19 (coronavirus), you should use the NHS111 online coronavirus service or call the NHS 111 service. Please do not attend your GP or emergency department without phoning in advance.

Other useful contacts:

  • *Dedicated university helpline or email on coronavirus (if there is one)
  • Personal tutor or programme coordinator
  • Hall or residence warden
  • NHS 111

*Your university is likely to have set up a dedicated email address in response to cope with any query or concern regarding the coronavirus. Please check the university website or your student email account for further information.



What should I do at personal level?

Looking after your own health and promoting good hygiene will help fight the spread of the coronavirus. For more info, click on the BBC link below.

Coronavirus information: What should I do?

(image: BBC –


Leaving the UK

For those of you who need to leave the UK during this volatile period for reasons beyond your control, below are some factors you ought to consider:

  • Notify your institution to get permission

Make sure you inform your programme leader/coordinator at your school/department to get permission. Unauthorised absence from campus will have far-reaching implications to both your student status as well as visa status to remain in the UK (such as progress of your studies, audited credits, tuition fee, subsequent progression arrangement, visa extension etc.)

  • Beware of health risk during travel

Be mindful of the risk and exposure to the coronavirus during transport to the airport, at the airport, in flight, transition, arrival etc. Take precaution and make all necessary arrangement to ensure you have minimum contact with people and surface.

  • Beware of health risk upon arrival and the need of self-isolation

Take note that you will need to undergo self-isolation/self-quarantine upon arriving at your next destination. Be mindful that self-isolation must be taken seriously to avoid further spread of the coronavirus in your new environment.

The UK government and your university will be monitoring the situation closely and will update you with any changes to their advice referring to the links above. This is indeed a difficult time. Please be mindful of how your actions may affect others and the importance of confidentiality and be cautious about sharing unconfirmed information.

You are very much a part of your community. Lend your support to one another to ensure your local community is safe, respectful and resilient.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.